Meet The CEO

My name is Tara Tucker, also known as Coach Tara, The Storytelling Strategist.  I help Faith-driven Professionals Define, Own, & Write their Authentic Stories for Maximum Impact, Influence, and Income. I started Tucker Publishing House, LLC, with the prompting of the Holy Spirit in 2018. My books were the first to be published under my publishing house imprint, and He started sending people to me, one by one. It’s been an amazing ride, and I’m excited to continue to help others get their message out and move in the purpose that God set for them. I have a small team and am always looking to connect and collaborate with others for purposeful work.

I help you take the guesswork out of what to do next by giving you clarity, helping you increase in confidence, and getting your best-selling book complete, and I will personally coach you every step of the way. You may only need someone to work out an idea, an author platform, or a strategy and planning session. Are you a procrastinator? If so, I’m your accountability coach. I will help you get it done! If your manuscript is complete, my team will edit and proofread it for you, and I can give you other advice as needed. If it isn’t ready yet, sign up for my writing and development video call to help you complete it. 

Don’t let your ideas vanish in your thoughts; Your voice matters; your story will help and inspire others. Please share it, spread it, and let it be free because your story is a blueprint for someone else’s breakthrough. (Rev 12:11)

"Many people say working; I call it serving because what we do is not about us. I have served with Tara and her company on many projects, and her service is unmatched. Her company is professional, very creative, and delivers outstanding customer service. The editing and publishing services are designed to give your product presentation an excellent look to the reader. Tara is honest, trustworthy, and compassionate about what she does. She shows she cares about the product that she is working with you on and makes sure you put out the best. I truly don't want to work with anyone else. She is easy to work with and seeks to make sure you are 100% happy. Book Tara and her company. You will not be disappointed."

Cathy Staton, International Motivational Speaker, Domestic Violence Expert, Best-Selling Author, Life Coach & Philanthropist